Sanding machine operation instruction

by:Gewinn     2020-06-23
The instruction for use: one, the selection and installation of abrasive belt, need to master the board that is a different material is different to the requirement of abrasive belt mesh. Second, the sanding machine operation parameters. Adjust the thickness of the sanding machine before formal operation of count: the sanding machine show number = plate thickness + abrasive belt thickness plate thickness, the practice of using vernier caliper test plus the thickness of the abrasive belt, with thick sanding machine set above key input parameters, plate conveyor belt made by sanding machine, watch the status of the sand before sanding machine, parameter is sanding machine abrasive belt if micro to 0. 5 mm, again make sheet by sanding machine abrasive belt fixed ( 0. 5 mm is the concept of manual control wheel down half a circle) 。 Third, sanding machine debugging ( 1) The new abrasive belt ( Before the new sand is lower than sand after 2 degrees) Sample of mesh belt, note disambiguation of debugging have different kind of specification of dispute. ( 2) According to the sample plate of different kind of dispute of PFP disambiguation technology request for debugging. (1) if the floor substrate thicknessing grinding available 60 # abrasive belt, abrasive belt pick a can. Primer grinding with # 320 abrasive belt sanding, speed 6 - 9 hz. (2) the floor sanding, water putty to former sand 100 # sand belt, sand after 150 # abrasive belt. When doing fine sand with sand after 240 # abrasive belt first, after the 320 # abrasive belt. (3) the floor water paint request sanding lines will make fit paint flow ping request, that is to say, grinding accuracy is higher, 320 # sanding, needs attention to regulate abrasive belt speed, use visual method to investigate sanding grain, to regulate the sand. With sand after don't leak four edges, and no significant sand traces for four standards, methods of dealing with the difficult questions in the process of sanding. ( 1) Sanding effect is poor. 1) check if abrasive belt type to the technique request. (2) check the abrasive belt velocity is in the technical request. (3) after sand height check, and check the abrasive belt wear condition. ( 2) Present abnormal grain sanding. (1) boot to check if the abrasive belt swing is normal, normal, stop check the wear condition of abrasive belt, hand contact with abrasive belt, feelings have attachments, attachments to appearance, with a brush to dust with compressed air blowing. Check to see if the sand on the plate paint arrived to degree of dry sanding, and dry processing. (2) check the plank appear coarse grain and orderly, and check the type of abrasive belt, and the speed is normal or not. Stop to check the wear of abrasive belt, and are there any attachments in sand belt, and processing. Five, the channels of sanding machine abnormal judge and deal with the question. ( 1) Abnormal doubt judged sander channels. 1) check the conveyor belt have abnormal, and eliminate hidden dangers. (2) check the wear of abrasive belt status is the same, if the sample of indeterminacy of dispute to pay more attention to the method in the future. How much should be evenly on the material not only on one side or the disambiguation of dispute. (3) the driving wheel and driven wheel abrasive belt remove the investigation if there are any abnormal. Keep an eye on graphite sand cloth if there are any abnormal after grain and scratches, significant uneven. (4) with a caliper measuring plate thickness have abnormal disambiguation of dispute. ( 2) If the above four works, the need to adjust the sanding channels parallel screw, as stop until the sanding sheet thickness.
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