Sanding machine safety systems?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-19
Sanding machine is a kind of wood processing equipment. Before using sanding machine operators should understand its security system. When the accident happened, the security system can protect the personal safety of operators. 1. Stop button: usually set the stop button on the control system panel, choose red. When emergency occurs during production, can quickly tap button, make the equipment in the process of running immediately stop. 2. Belt protection function: in the long-term production can't completely avoid the fracture and belt deviation phenomenon. Sanding machine with belt protection functions once encountered such a problem, it will immediately stop brake, to ensure the personal safety of operators, equipment performance will not be damaged. 3. Click protection system: when the equipment overload is serious, phase damage, the machine automatically stops running, the control panel will give corresponding warning. 4. Workbench lifting protection system: we usually refer to the limit, it can effectively deal with the itinerary.
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