Sanding machine should be how to maintain

by:Gewinn     2020-06-23
In the operation of the sanding machine at work hard to avoid can appear some fault, so regular maintenance is required, can maximum limit reduce the probability of failure, ensure normal production operation. As a professional sanding machine manufacturers, below is how to introduce the sanding machine under the maintenance. We need to have regular examination to sanding machine. Check cycle is as follows: first check: new start to use or replace new second check: 4 hours after the third time interval of 1 day after the previous check: interval of previous 3 days after the fourth check: previous five days after the fifth interval check: interval of previous inspection: 7 days after every other week notice: if the one on the same pulley fracture need to change, must at the same time to replace in the same other belt on the pulley. Even second-hand sanding machine is also an expensive things, no matter for personal or company, this is not a small items so regular preventive maintenance and must keep up with.
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