Sanding machine technical knowledge and instructions

by:Gewinn     2020-06-22
Description of sanding machine: sanding machine and woodworking sander, according to the name it is easy to deduce its main use. Main applications: real wood floor, handicraft, solid wood furniture, all kinds of plank of wood surface sanding. Structure categories: single sand, sand, sand three common types: the width of the sanding machine, primer sanding machine, furniture kind of sanding machine and some special custom types. Equipment production cycle: about ten days. Equipment main parts: frame, drive system, Transmission and drive motor) And transmission system ( Bearing, ball screw, guide rail, conveyor belt, etc. ) Control system ( The control panel) Inverter, dust collection system safety operating instructions: 1, using the operating sanding machine equipment to pre-service training. 2, operation personnel, to protect self security standard dress, carried out strictly in accordance with the requirements. 3, should attach great importance to the safety device of sanding machine equipment, do regular inspection. 4, open operation equipment used to do a good job in checking abrasive belt is clean enough, for example, whether to need to change, and so on. 5, use and processing process of reasonable setting processing parameters, avoid by all means to improve the load capacity and excessive increase equipment. 6, regular cleaning of equipment cleaning, do a good job, lubrication and maintenance on a regular basis according to the requirements of manufacturers. Sanding machine technology configuration parameters: the most commonly used processing width: 1300 mm ( Optional) Commonly used maximum working height: 100 mm ( Optional) Commonly used abrasive belt size: 1320 x2200mm, 2000 x630mm most commonly used conveying speed: 30 m/s work pressure: 0. 5 mpa woodworking machinery co. , LTD focus on sanding machine equipment research and development production for more than twenty years, is the President of the woodworking machinery association unit, the company according to the actual use of the user requirements, on-site inspection, for users to customize the most suitable sanding machine equipment, more than all the data provided by the woodworking machinery co. , LTD. , and have the final power of interpretation, if want to know more information welcome by means of a message or directly call the top right of the screen service hotline!
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