Saw and electronic computer cutting saw the main difference

by:Gewinn     2020-04-25
Due to the rapid development of woodworking industry, all kinds of automatic making furniture, wooden doors, cabinets, line equipment tools are also arises at the historic moment. Including on HaiRong woodworking machinery electronic cutting saw and computer plate cutting saw. There are a lot of people think that the two kinds of tools are the same, but in fact has a structural differences, function and system efficiency, etc. In essence the difference. Below is I for you to simply make a difference. First, the functional differences. Electronic cutting saw general to manually calculate the customer need to the size of each piece of panel, and then to typesetting, integrated into a diagram form. Workers in accordance with the requirements of the sketch will be material on the platform of electronic cutting saw, and then performed by electronic cutting saw the entire feed cutting work. Saw the function of the computer and saw the function of the electron is completely different. Saw by general computer calculate system, layout optimization system, material management system. Saw the biggest computer sheet is an advantage for the utilization rate is higher, can according to customer's requirements, the specifications of the item will be automatically composed of the size of the sample needed for each panel, and then optimized layout optimization software combination. Finally the integrated data set will be automatically transferred to the electronic control system is expected to saw system. Can prompt the workers how to properly put the plate, and can synchronize to accomplish a lot of work. It seems that saw than computer electronic cutting saw more simple and efficient. Second, to create different system efficiency. Electronic cutting saws are used for precision cutting of plank of wood saw, CNC has high cutting precision, safety, simple operation, etc. It's suitable for bulk cutting. Wood saw can according to automatically open the single computer calculate the size, and by optimizing the software will automatically be transferred to the electronic data saw cutting control system. Can effectively avoid human errors and human input error, avoid to cause unnecessary loss. Computer table saws for cutting various materials and management is very effective. Third, structural differences. Electronic cutting saw is mainly composed of reciprocating saw the subject and automatic feeding device of two parts. Specific operation method is: artificial will calculate a good size input in wood saw touch screen, electronic and then place your plate countertops, Lord saws for cutting board, sheet feeding device drag correction to feed cutting good size. Saw is by the computer system and computer and electronic cutting saw, by a computer system to accomplish work down the list and calculate material, wood saw complete feed by electronic cutting work.
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