Saw in the use of precision improve the precision of the method

by:Gewinn     2020-06-21
Saw is also called the push table saw precision, precision pushing bench saw, carpentry board closely saw sawing, precision pushing bench saw, has the characteristics of simple operation, stable, safe and effective, is furniture batch, standardization, mechanization, specializing in the production of the necessary equipment. Cutting precision of the spindle is the foundation of the cutting precision. Cut shaft alignment and parallelism and slotting shaft must be controlled in 0. 3 mm saw table, the balance of the blade itself and vertical parallel installation must be controlled in 0. 01 mm within, to ensure the stability and accuracy of the operation of the blade, the cross section of sawing plate smooth, straight, and the error should not exceed 0. 1 mm/m. The workbench trapezoidal guide rail straightness and parallel degree is an important factor affected the accuracy of cutting section. Especially for the plate length is greater than 2000 mm, the length error of the results and steps the precision of the slideway is proportional to the error. Epoxy resin ladder rail precision is higher, the movement of the moving workbench error is smaller, the cut surface quality, the better. Sawing machine spindle speed was also one of the reasons for sawing edge roughness. Saw is the most important characteristics of precision cutting rather than cutting. The same after cutting surface and plane. If the sawing machine spindle speed is not high, in the cutting disc edge contour cutting or vertical phenomenon, will bring trouble to late sheet metal processing. Can improve sawing machine spindle rotating speed by the following ways: first, using high quality imported fully enclosed bearing, ensure the normal operation of the spindle when 1500 revolutions; The second is to improve the assembly quality, the spindle bearings must work closely with suppression method; Three is to improve the bearing and spindle concentricity and surface finish, make a smooth. The cylinder and bearing assembly tolerance control in 0. Within 005 mm. Fourth, must complete the sawing machine parts, mechanical maintenance, such as regular refueling, equipped with good vacuum system, reduce the wood chips and dust invisible wear and tear on the machine. Second, & other; Cutting & throughout; Is that all the process of board type furniture into the production process of the first. It will be to linear cutting all kinds of man-made board, open the conform to the specifications of the spare parts, provide the following other processes. Before feeding, the operator should be carefully read the drawings, check the size of the correlation matching, to ensure the accuracy of cutting and production efficiency to achieve the best state. Sawing man-made board can be directly cut veneer on fine ( Net) Material. For cutting the need to continue after two processing, on the cutting length should retain the machining allowance.
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