Saw processing ingredients should be paid attention to when matching precision of four

by:Gewinn     2020-06-20
Wood products specifications and varieties, wood saw, in the use of precision on the choice of wood to outside of work, not only in terms of ingredients to pay attention to, then the so-called ingredients is different tree species and different specifications of timber cut into conforms to the basic building block of the product. Dosing and methods according to different process, the method is also each are not identical, the ingredients must be shown on parts according to drawings or samples of cross section and the length of the material and material, etc. , so in ingredients at the same time, we must pay attention to the following: 1, should be in accordance with the first match long expected, short expected again, wait with aniseed, first after the match method of small material. 2, production of doors and Windows material, planing, splicing loss, so parts of wool size than the size of the net increase, especially the door, window Ting both ends to put some long, to prevent splitting occur when assembling to stir up and down its department. 3, according to the size of wool, when sawing wood off a truncated line or line size, want to consider the sawing of saw cutting road to notice the wood sawing straight, end to pocket square block of wood. 4, ingredients and considering the defects of wood, don't leave the knot in tenon, or punch line, should avoid to decay, oblique crack wood, do not use.
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