Saw the computer operating tutorial

by:Gewinn     2020-04-25
Saw the tutorial a operation, automatic computer operation specific requirements: 1, first check the computer cutting machine all external damper are all installed. 2, see if there is other sundry homework table. 3, in trachea, see if have more than four pressure ( Less than 4 above pressure not beam lifting) 。 4, the main saw blade and auxiliary saw blade is not installed correctly ( The main saw blade is turn, auxiliary saw blade rotation) 。 5, pressure under beam is there other stuff ( Pay special attention to such as saw blades, saws easily damaged) 。 6, turn the main power supply on the control box, with a vacuum cleaner. 7, opened the saw blades start button and see if saw blade's operation is normal. 8, according to the computer cutting machine set up scale, adjusted the cutting board size. 9, upper, rely on tight tune, immediately saw materials start button, can be cutting board. Every lay a standard plate, the first to lay a recognition standard and correct rear sustainable operation, otherwise adjust scale.
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