Saw the development of numerical control woodworking machinery market and sawing plate cutting performance

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
Saw is a CNC hd touch-screen control, man-machine integration operation, workers need cutting data on a touch screen input, start the machine, the machine run automatically on board for the machining of precision cutting of woodworking cutting machine. Furniture industry such as high speed development in recent years, the plate cutting machinery, precision demand is higher and higher, pushing Taiwan saw is used to highlight the drawbacks of the increasingly clear: not enough precision, collapse edge, fault, inductrial injury, the phenomenon such as inefficient appeared seriously affects the development of enterprises. Saw the birth of the nc, effectively avoids this kind of problem. Saw configuration nc feeding manipulator for automatic clamp material feeding, high precision servo system control precision feeding, positioning and compensating, electronic scale precision linear guide rail to ensure saw the car running accuracy. In the effective protection of the cutting effect of the end face at the same time, greatly improving the work efficiency. Not only solid solid body structure, and precision of the cutting & plusmn; 0. 02mm。 Before feeding platform, after feeding platform for enterprises to improve the work efficiency. Already saw another characteristic of nc cutting process is simple, so green hand operation, a teaching will, can save labor costs for the enterprise! Can be widely used in density board, MDF, particle board, gypsum board, organic glass, acrylic board, ps board, guide plate, solid wood and other precision cutting use. ¥ 1000. 00 carpentry drill three rows, three rows of drill, woodworking precision price three rows of drill, suzhou. 。 。 ¥ 1000. 00 Shanghai single head hinge drill manufacturers provide single head hinge hinge drill double-headed drill. 。 。 Zhejiang ambry semi-automatic woodworking machinery, linear semi-automatic woodworking machinery, and cheap. 。 。 Carpenter woodworking machinery price, semi-automatic, manual woodworking machinery linear sealing side. 。 。
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