Saw the operating precision of some things

by:Gewinn     2020-06-21
Saw when in operation, precise artifacts should ensure that are fixed, profile positioning conforms to the turning direction, to avoid a wrong cut, do not cut or lateral pressure curve, feed to smooth, avoiding the blade impact contact artifacts, then leading to saw blade damage, or artifacts, there was an accident. Homework and saw that the movement and scratchy oscillation disturbance, cut, or peculiar smell, it is necessary to immediately stopped work, timely check, troubleshooting to avoid accidents. When start cutting and continuous cutting, don't feed fast, to avoid a broken teeth have been broken. Saw to precision cutting board, veneer particleboard, a variety of man-made board, plastic board, aluminum alloy plate, etc. , has two blades before and after and before the spear after cutting saws, saws, two saw blades with homework, saw no longer plane after processing, good brightness, high precision, no burr. Machine has sliding work station and fixed work station, thus cutting plate wide width, use bevel on board can be sawing 35 ~ 135 & deg; The point of view. Saw can be used for a variety of man-made board, such as precision veneered particleboard, fiberboard, plywood and solid board, plastic board, aluminum alloy and other materials of buttock crosscutting, widely used and board type furniture and transport production of wood processing, such as work, due to general equipment, woodworking machinery temporary market demand is relatively large.
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