Sawing sawing machine such as woodworking band saw machine CNC belt

by:Gewinn     2020-09-22
Band saw sawing machine maintenance way

a, sawing machine maintenance the machine operation, according to the following procedure inspection work. 1) Check the sweep brush position, keeping the tooth groove and scrap iron

in addition, when necessary, adjust or change the sweep brush. Check the height of the scrap steel brush, make steel brush just come into contact with the bottom of the sawtooth. Not higher than
jagged bottom, might cause saw with excessive wear or steel brush. 2) Check the gear box and hydraulic oil position, whether you need
add gear oil, 150 #, 32 # hydraulic oil; 3) Check whether the cooling water altimeter is need to add; 4) Check saw band in the main, passive
the location of the wheel and tungsten steel guide is correct; 5) Check saw belt tension adjustment valve, select the appropriate cutting pressure; High-speed hacksaw with the
big tension is 55 KLBS/in26) Check tungsten steel oil pressure gauge pressure in 30 + 2 kg/cm2. 7) Check the gear box tension belt; 8) Install a new saw before,
the main, driven wheel flange iron filings to clear clean ( Iron may) 。 2, 1) parts to replace Steel brush brush replacement steel
can be saw on iron removal, and can avoid being carried into scrap iron saw wheel or even saw with guide rail, if so will caused quite a significant wear and tear,
to saw is quite important. Error installing steel brush the wear and tear saw belt or a steel brush excessive
, also will cause instability of sawing. 2) Replacement of cooling water to replace coolant under normal use, must
every three months to clean up the iron filings in cooling water storage tank. 3) Replace the hydraulic oil of hydraulic oil should not replaced every six months. 4) Gear oil
change gear oil in use without six months or 1200 hours after must be replaced.
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