Schuler Promotes Servo Direct Drive Technology

by:Gewinn     2022-05-19
On December 10, 2009, Schuler Press in Germany held a metal forming seminar, which introduced the product and market development of servo presses, specific application cases and a full range of services. Prof. Ruan Xueyu, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Prof. Zhao Zhen, Department of Plastic Forming Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Dr. Jurgen Tonn, CEO of Schuler Germany, Mr. Stefan Buchmuller, General Manager of Schuler China, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Bernhard Ewald, Sales Director of Schuler China, Mr. Shuler Mr. Axel meyer, vice president of blanking and forming equipment, Mr. Olaf Pinkenburg, sales manager of Schuler Asia, Mr. Stephan Paul, director of production management of Schuler Germany, and Mr. Andreas Bosch, technical service manager of Shanghai Schuler Press Co., Ltd. Speeches and speeches were delivered respectively, and about 200 people from customers, associations and industry media attended the event. Germany's Schuler presses have leading technology and international markets in the field of metal forming, as well as a global manufacturing network, with sales of 966 million euros in the 2008 fiscal year. Schuler's market is divided into automotive market and non-automotive market, among which the automotive market is Schuler's traditional market, and Schuler has a strong leadership and market share in this field. According to the business classification, it is divided into forming system and automatic production system. Among them, the forming system includes large mechanical presses and hydraulic systems, standard presses and services; the automatic production system includes automation, car body technology, internal high pressure forming, laser equipment and services. In early 2007, Schuler took the lead in launching servo direct drive technology, which was strongly questioned by the industry in the early stage of development. Today, almost all press manufacturers are producing 'servo pressesfavor. This is because this innovative technology can significantly increase the benefits, resulting in a significant increase in production capacity and dynamic performance, which is of great value for part-oriented production simulation and tryout operations. The drive system differs from conventional technology by means of high-performance torque motors, no clutches and brakes, no flywheel, no flywheel brake, no slider lock, no drive belt; low maintenance; significantly increased productivity and flexibility; ultimately brought great economic benefits. The high-torque high-performance torque motor is directly connected to the drive shaft for direct drive. The motion curve can be freely programmed, the stroke length can be freely programmed (single pendulum stroke), and the manual knob has the characteristics of trial model. Among them, the single pendulum stroke mode can optimize the stroke conveying section, freely program the stroke length, and keep the same position of the bottom dead center, which brings the best molding process and higher output. Trial features have flexible slider speed adjustment, reverse motion, actuation at nominal pressure, and a 'quick lift' feature that allows the slider to open quickly, significantly reducing mold change times. In addition, energy consumption is effectively reduced by reducing mechanical losses, such as no clutches and brakes, no flywheels, and high-efficiency energy systems, such as high-efficiency motors and eliminating wasteful power losses. In the future technology development trend, Schuler will continue to develop torque motors with emphasis on power and dynamic performance, efficient and energy-saving molding, and improve the interaction of different functional areas of the production line (press, strip uncoiling, coil feeding device, conveyor ), further research and utilization of equipment dynamics to realize the integration of stamping and forming.
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