Sealed wood lathe matters needing attention

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
Numerical control woodworking lathe belongs to the large mechanical equipment, equipment work requires high precision, so pay special attention when using and storing, avoid using precision failure problems result in equipment damage or decline. Below small make up simple about numerical control woodworking lathe seal of the note, hope to help will be stored for a long time customer. Equipment must be is not to be used in a week or more storage processing, the following is a sealed considerations: ( 1) Sealed before sweeping clean dust removal of mechanical and electrical, sliding and rotating components should be oil, equipment mechanical parts exposed surface should be coated anti-rust oil. Walking mechanical sliding parts should be properly covered protection. ( 2) Storage period intervals of ten days or so the equipment should be switched on automatically empty running more than 30 minutes, to use electrical components of calorific value in addition to the tide. ( 3) Equipment storage should be cut off when the external three-phase power supply. ( 4) Sealed environment should be dry, well ventilated, no dust pollution and corrosion. Seal up according to the above way, will not affect the use of the next time, but it's good to test before use, lack of equipment can run normally, avoid unnecessary loss.
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