Seamless edge banding technology have what advantage?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
Traditional edge banding technique is to use the straight line machinery and curve, as people to the requirement of increasing the mechanical properties, driving the sealing side edge banding technology advances, seamless edge banding technology is more advanced sealing side technology at present. Seamless edge banding technology have what advantage? What is a seamless edge technology? Seamless edge banding technique USES a special kind of sealing sideband, with two layer structure, the sealing side surface is ordinary sealing sideband, PP/ABS/PMMA bottom layer is a special functional polymers. By a laser or hot technology instead of traditional sealing side of glue device, the function of the melt sealing sideband layer, make the function of liquid layer combined with plank, achieve strong adhesive strength, so as to realize seamless sealing side. Want sealing side is firm and level off, between panel and sealing sideband closely, the transition between the plate and face smooth laminating, rely on the traditional edge banding technology is difficult to ensure the seamless edge banding technology is of the biggest highlights of the sealing side effect is excellent, and edge banding will no longer have a clear border between the board, instead of one integrated mass appearance and quality of combined with tight sealing side. To achieve such effect on the market at present the sealing side of technology is laser sealing side and hot air sealing side.
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