seattle\'s tunnel boring machine bertha reaches end of long, troubled journey

by:Gewinn     2019-09-02
SEATTLE-Bertha, dusty-
Seattle tunnel drill-
Reached the end of her long and difficult journey, a milestone for billions of people --
Dollar project to replace an old highway connecting the city\'s waterfront.
Bertha, the machine that dug 1.
The 75-mile tunnel in Seattle replaced a coastal bridge with an underground roadway, leaving only 30 feet of the mining on Tuesday.
Social media users have gone through some memories of the time it took to reach this moment, when this huge machine used 5-
The foot wall is full of dust in the air.
\"Today is an important architectural milestone in our plan to take back the Seattle waterfront,\" said Mayor Ed Murray . \".
\"We will build a waterfront for pedestrians, traffic and smart car trips, without walls of highways, casting a shadow over our well vision --
Connect the 21 st Century City.
\"The last stretch excavation started around 8 in the morning. m.
Three hours later, partners at the Seattle tunnel said the remaining mining volume was less than 1 feet.
At that time, Bertha moved at a speed of 5mm kilometers per minute.
The Dust blurs the field of view of Bertha\'s last paragraph, but when the machine breaks through five, you can hear the concrete pieces falling --
Foot concrete wall. At 11:30 a. m.
Bertha said on Twitter, cut the head has broken, visible. What\'s next?
When others are ready to deal with double accidents inside the tunnel, the crew will destroy Bertha
A double lane of an underground highway will replace the Alaska Road viaduct that was damaged in the 2001 magnitude earthquake. The $3.
The 1 billion tunnel will open on 2019, four years later than originally scheduled.
The original completion date was 2015.
Supporters say the viaduct will no longer be separated from the Puget Sound.
Some conservative lawmakers attacked the project as an expensive vanity project, and environmental activists opposed the construction of another highway in Seattle.
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