Second-hand electronic saw operation need to be aware of

by:Gewinn     2020-09-25
1, after feeding device program-controlled push board operation shoulds not be too fast, program-controlled push board run ( For operator) Speed is greater than 25 m/min will be automatically shut down;

2, program-controlled push board biggest promote the height is 80 mm, ban transfinite propulsion;

3, the machine is second-hand electronic saw use 380 mm diameter circular saw blades, the blade is highest rose to 95 mm, maximum cutting thickness is 80 mm, it is forbidden to overrun sawing, transfinite sawing will result in equipment or saw blade damage.

4, according to the reasonable cutting thickness adjustment saw the car running cutting speed, adjusting range in 10 & ndash; — More than 80 m/min, sawing sawing zhang slow speed, cutting should be reasonable to reduce the speed, hard wood sawing particieboard sawing speed should be within 25 mm - 70 80 m/min, between 25 - sawing Within 60 mm saw speed should be in the 50 - 70 m/min, sawing between 60 mm to 80 mm thickness when the fastest shall not exceed 40 m/min, lest cause saw blade moves equipment damage and avoid cutting quality problem, reasonably adjust the sawing speed in order to achieve the best effect of production;

5, floating on the stage in front of the note to smoothly so as not to cause scratches, more can't crash side by feet and clamp;

6, cutting the workpiece one-time place, start to keep out for the cause of the program, so as to avoid crushed lacerate;

7, host, hand pay close attention to the equipment running status, has an abnormal sound, vibration and other abnormal downtime check in time, and report to the leadership or equipment maintenance;

8, replacement of second-hand electronic saw blade when replacing new saw blade, in particular, must be removed sawtooth protection film before installation of saw blade, such as not clear protective film can make cutting resistance, damage to equipment and saw blade;

9, platform above ban broken small batten, more than expected, so as not to damage the mesa sheet caused by the scratch;

10, stick bar code must be used when brush dust, avoid the barcode adhesive is not strong to the next working procedure is lost;

11, after feeding plate above the stack must be neat, avoid damage to the clamp.
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