Second-hand electronic saw the operation of the preparation

by:Gewinn     2020-09-25
Second-hand electronic saw operation method.

used to prepare the operation of electronic saw:
( 1) Will work and work site is clean;
( 2) Check whether the dust collection system is normal;
( 3) Check whether the blade is sharp, is in good condition, whether pressure reaches 0. 6Mpa。 Commissioning for about a minute and see computer cutting saws is normal;
( 4) Ready to board and accessories ( Plate, etc. ) 。

second-hand electronic saw operation method, working procedures:

( 1) According to the cutting table input the data into computer ( Or adjusted the gear size) ;

( 2) Feeding sheet with forklift to lift platform, neat;

( 3) Start the transfer switch, the plate into the working table, Or to the work station) ;

( 4) According to plate thickness of hardness and adjust saw car speed, requires no more than rated current;

( 5) After cutting, the workpiece neatly stacked on the shelves;

( 6) Each plate of a specification, second-hand electronic saw must first self-check, look long, kerf width of diagonal size is in line with the quality requirements;

( 7) Homework over, exit the program, to cut off the power supply for dust removal machine, will clean up the remaining material.

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