Second-hand tablet used suddenly stop processing

by:Gewinn     2020-09-24
Sudden stop processing in second-hand tablet using

if used tablet to use all of a sudden stop in, not only affects our use, more will affect our mood! Let's take a look at the what is the cause of downtime? What's the solution? Causes:

1, tablet printing line is too long;
2, print on both ends of the cable connector loose;
3, not confess to ECP print port of a computer.
1, print the length of the cable is too long, or poor quality will affect the correctness of data transmission, therefore, we recommend using double shielding ECP cable length is less than 3 meters;
2, check whether there is tablet to print the ends of the cable connector is loose. And then change the power and data cables, in order to check the problem isn't on the cable;
3, was carried out on the print port Settings in the CMOS.

tablet to print directly on the plate material to print all kinds of color images, text, graphics, color is clear;
if tou iron aluminum plate, crystal materials, wood, glass, leather, cloth, stone, etc. ; Mobile phone, telephone, U disk, glasses, vases, pen, etc. ;
metal plate, ceramic, crystal, organic glass, acrylic, PVC, EVA, ABS, plastic, silicone, non-woven fabrics, toys, crafts and other material objects, without plate, an imaging, low cost, fast speed, the printing effect will never rub off, not to drop, waterproof, environmental protection.
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