Second-hand woodworking machine installation personnel to know

by:Gewinn     2020-09-25
Second-hand woodworking machinery mold installation safety measures have the following points to attention.
mould installation personnel must cultivate the idea of personal safety consciousness, the installation of the mould must be carried out with the manner of the security. Second-hand woodworking machine all the mould installation personnel should be aware of their own in execution work, security and provide a safe operating environment for the importance of others.

a, woodworking machinery, we can have what you want, it can be said that the emergence of woodworking has brought a lot of good and second-hand woodworking machinery recycling is because there are many need to second-hand machinery, so that we can meet your requirements, at the same time solve the problem of price, therefore, it is worth to have.

2, recovery of woodworking machinery, because need a lot of people, and the mechanical through professional and technical personnel to improve can continue to operate, and can meet our requirements, let's go to good use. I believe that today's need woodworking machinery must have a lot, and the price cannot achieve satisfactory friend, secondary market will be a good choice.

3, about the progress of society we already know a lot of things can be very good use, from the ancient wooden, wood was born, although there is no such equipment can help in the past, but today have the second-hand woodworking machinery becomes different, because we could get the mechanical and simple writing.

mould installation safety measures

mould installation is an extremely important work. Mould installation personnel need to have operation pipe bender and adjust bend mould professional knowledge, the quality of pipe bending is quite important.

the size of the mould must be suitable for the machine, if the curve is larger than the original value of pipe fittings, machine caused by the excessive load, cause the failure of the mechanical properties, but they may have harm to the personnel in the operation.

1. Do not use in has not read or understand mould installation manual, and the results show that, for the mould installation, adjustment or movement.

2, please do not start the oil pump motor, place the hands, fingers, or any part of the body in the mold working area.

3, when working on or near the machine, please do not wear a tie, jewellery or loose clothing.

4, if the mold is too heavy to be lifted up by your hand, then the appropriate mechanical lifting methods should be used. Should install a rings in the mold, the use of rings to maintain the stability of mould parts in hanging on the way.

5, mold should be wiped clean before installation, and remove dust, metal or other foreign dirt, etc. Otherwise will cause the matching is not consistent with phenomenon, will cause many injuries or machine, mold damage.

6, when the pipe bender can't run or unattended operation, even a short time, before the reboot the machine, please check all the switch Settings.

7, bend lubricating oil will make the area around the line, and dirty mould area careful processing mould, second-hand woodworking machinery in the bent pipe will be coated with the pipe end of the absorbent coatings, inserted into the mold and the range of actual use, in order to prevent the bent pipe lubricant drip on the machine.

8, for different operation, need to change the pipe bender control setting, please make sure the selector switch Settings are correct. And the execution of bend before work, please test to determine the correct operation.
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