Second-hand woodworking machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-09-25
Second-hand woodworking machinery

are we going to do woodworking machinery of second-hand woodworking machinery cleaning job. Woke up on a regular basis for woodworking machinery parts clean, to keep the woodworking machinery and bright as new.

we want to check the running of the woodworking machinery parts regularly. Here we mainly is to look at the woodworking machinery in operation process whether there is a sound, or noise, and woodworking machinery have a serious fever, once found that the problem should be immediately testing, maintenance, to ensure the woodworking machinery in good working condition.

we have regular lubrication processing of woodworking machinery. Maintain equipment lubrication is a very important thing, only a machine keep smooth state, can we make better run woodworking machinery.

woodworking machine processing object is wood. Wood is a kind of raw material, found that using one of the earliest human with human lives, the line, with has the close relation. Human beings in the long-term practice has accumulated rich experience in wood processing. Woodworking machine is through the long-term production practice, and constantly find, continuously explore and constantly creating and developing.

to improve production efficiency and the degree of automation. Improve the production efficiency has two aspects: one is to shorten the processing time, but to shorten the auxiliary time. Shorten processing time, in addition to improve the cutting speed, increase the feeding, the main measures is a process of concentration, because the cutting tool, vibration and noise reasons, the cutting speed and feed cannot be unlimited increase, because many knives by type of concentrated with combination of machine tools and machining center has become the main development direction.

as united the sawing, milling, drilling, tenon, sanding, and other functions of the double end milling machine; A variety of processing technology of joint sealing side machine; Focus on a wide variety of machining process of numerical control machining center, etc. Shorten the auxiliary time mainly is to reduce the processing time, using the attached knife library processing center, or use CNC automatic switching between lines and flexible manufacturing unit of table manner, shorten the auxiliary time to a minimum.

when sawing wood chip for saw blades after cutting, alloy blade cutting heat conduction to attack by sawing plate, make the agile sawing plate temperature, quality of sawing plate in this case still can adhere to high standards of accuracy, and low quality of the saw blade sawing plate buckling will attack, affecting the precision of the cutting board.

1, the operation safety, a semi-automatic feeding system, there is no potential safety hazard. High yield, and every day, Eight hours) The output of about 20 cubic.

2, the operation is simple, just ordinary employees can work out high precision sheet metal. Sheet thickness can be adjusted freely, with saw generation plane, the finished surface is smooth, no need to plane.

3, super thin blade, sawing the wood chip adopted 1. 8mm- - 3mm。 High precision, no size problem, reduce working procedure, reduce the waste wood, increase the utilization rate of wood.

4, cooling, dust removal system, make the saw blade is not long time work under high temperature, at the life of the saw blade, reduce dust.

traditional band saw, circular saw, and the wood chip saw all kinds of performance comparison table category performance band saw, circular saw sawing wood chip, second-hand woodworking machinery safety power transmission device and saw blade completely exposed, many unsafe factors, extremely easy happening inductrial injury accident, such as power transmission device and saw blade, guide plate adopt fully enclosed design, operation is very safe.
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