Second-hand woodworking machinery blade installation method

by:Gewinn     2020-09-24
Second-hand woodworking machinery blade installation method

1. Please hang the alloy saw blades vertically on the shelf of the dry, please be sure to avoid damp places, never will alloy saw blade flat on the floor or on a shelf, flat will lead to deformation of alloy saw blade.
2. When using, do not exceed the prescribed maximum speed. Speed calculation attached, for your reference.
3. When using, must take masks, gloves, safety helmet, labor protection shoes, protective glasses.
4. When installing a alloy saw blade, you must first confirm the performance of the saw bench, purpose, had better read the sawing machine instructions. In order to avoid the wrong, cause accident.
5. When installing a alloy saw blade, you must first check if there is a crack on the alloy saw blade, distort, flat, the phenomenon such as tooth away, again for installation.
6. Sharp sawtooth superhard alloy saw blade, it is prohibited to collision, drop on the ground, must take put down gently.
7. After loading the alloy saw blade, must determine whether the blade center hole firmly fixed on the flange of sawing machine, have a gasket gasket set must be good; And then, with the hand gently push saw blade confirm that saw blades rotating eccentric rocking.
8. Must put alloy saw blade cutting direction of the arrow and saw rotating direction alignment. It is forbidden to install in the opposite direction, the direction get blank brains cause off teeth.

the application of second-hand woodworking machinery industry:
1. Log processing machinery
to log in at the beginning of the processing machinery, such as cutting, wood veneer, desiccant, etc. , has a large circular saw machine, belt saw, rotary cutting machine, etc.
2. Plate manufacture solid wood and man-made board ( Material such as plywood, MDF, particle board) Manufacturing machinery, and to deal with the surface of the plate, used for furniture processing board before the way with the mechanical process, such as machine, refers to pick up, hot and cold pressing machine, wrapping machine, surface coating equipment, etc.
3. Furniture manufacturing machinery
including board type furniture, office furniture, solid wood furniture, cabinets, doors, etc from cutting, shaping, profiling, drilling, tenon chamfer, splicing combination, glue, paint on packing and so on various aspects, all can be done by machinery for processing.
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