Second-hand woodworking machinery industry has the important status

by:Gewinn     2020-09-28
Woodworking machinery is indispensable in the work, but the domestic woodworking machinery spare parts industry there are some prominent problems, key spare parts, components and steel easy to aging, aging unsafe products, therefore, reform of woodworking machinery production technology is urgently needed to solve a problem in our country.

China woodworking machinery industry has experienced more than 10 years of development, although at present already has a good momentum, but still exists a big gap compared with foreign technology, backward technology problems cannot be ignored. Due to domestic vehicle start to twenty years, the domestic mechanical parts is a big gap between the enterprise and the mechanical parts,, but can't simply say our country privately operated mechanical parts products technology content is low, technology is in constant innovation and development, and also in competition and study progress of our business.

woodworking tool testing equipment upgrade is an expression of woodworking machinery industry upgrading, due to the emerging of new technology, products gradually replaced the traditional technology, the Chinese woodworking machinery industry to absorb foreign advanced technology, combined with the specific situation of the domestic, the good and discard the dregs, to develop new products, with high efficiency, safety and environmental protection the momentum of development, close distance with the developed countries in the world, improve the international competitiveness.

to woodworking machinery industry on the basis of advanced technology, breaking the traditional technology, continue to strengthen reform efforts, to promote the development and application of new technologies, promote the development of industry by innovation.

second-hand woodworking machinery industry in China after more than ten years of development, has now become a vital status of the industry. Due to the appearance of new technology and application, the traditional technology product market share is gradually reduce, instead, the quality and efficient automatic and semi-automatic machine tools, woodworking machinery industry with high precision, high efficiency of numerical control, environmental protection developing momentum. At the same time, with the wide application of cemented carbide materials, the development of woodworking tools mature, related detection technology have appeared in the new breakthrough.
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