Second-hand woodworking machinery of the sanding machine equipment features introduced

by:Gewinn     2020-09-27
Sanding machine product features are:

more than one, use the environment dust, equipment should be done to special design, make it can not be affected and stable running.

2, equipment precision, but using the operator quality is low, equipment operation regulation to design simple and intuitive, as far as possible to train specialized personnel to operate.

3, easy to run partial abrasive belt, abrasive belt control system stability, protection of abrasive belt and brake system is reliable.

4, uneven thickness size of workbench lifting system stability.

five, with long time but with poor maintenance, strengthening maintenance regularly to lengthen service life.

the classification of the sanding machine:

a, ordinary sanding machine: ordinary sand light machine configuration, frame were lighter, smaller power machine small, light weight, small sand sand roll cutting force is relatively small, easy to overload operation is damaged, but the price is lower, suitable for small-scale production.

2, heavy sanding machine: heavy sanding machine configuration power is larger, racks, huge model is relatively thick, heavy sanding roll big sand cutting force, sturdy, but the price is 30% higher than that of ordinary, suitable for mass production use

3, elevated sanding machine: elevated sanding machine is based on the heavy sanding machine, for edge sanding development and production of the sanding machine, working table lifting height can be made of 0 650 mm within the scope of regulation, custom machine lift range but more than 1 m;

4, double-sided sanding machine: a one-time sanding the both sides of the sanding machine at the same time, the structure is relatively complex, regulation is not convenient, cost is higher, only large plate processing enterprises.

5, primer sanding machine, special grinding primer sanding machine;

the above information is provided by dongguan second-hand woodworking machinery manufacturers, more sanding machine related information on the WWW. slmgjx。 com;
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