Second-hand woodworking machinery safety operation requirements after the operation

by:Gewinn     2020-09-28
Second-hand woodworking machinery safety operation requirements after the operation is:

one (1), the operation of second-hand woodworking machinery, should cut off power supply, check the Lord. Shaft bearing and switch whether fever, such as found switch fever, may be poor contact or loose connection, should reflect the early take measures to relevant personnel.

2, cleaning machinery and equipment, with a pump or broom to clean up the scene, check whether screw, nut loose or fall off.

saw operating second-hand woodworking machinery what are the requirements?

a saw machine, before moving, saw blade mat must be carefully checked and each part of the gland nut and screw and firm, if found to have loose phenomenon should be tighten. Installing a saw blade, cutting direction, pay attention to is irreversible.

2, saw don't allow saw blade used in work without confinement.

3, saw the manual feed precision pushing, must will wood close to the workbench and positioning plate, hand not to get too close to the saw blade can't control the timber processing hand is forbidden.

4, wood before processing should first check for nails were sawing wood, sandstone, articulated, etc. , to prevent damage to the saw blade and articulated flew from cuts.

five saw cutting direction, the precision can't stand people, also should pay attention to safety when the operator in the collection of wood.

6, for machine tools clean, wipe with lubricating oil and changing a saw blade and remove sawdust, must cut off power supply.

7, saw a failure occurs when the precision, immediately cut off the power supply, and stop the operation, carried out by specialist repair adjustment, the malfunction are not allowed to take the machine operation.
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