Second-hand woodworking machinery troubleshooting of chain saw when using

by:Gewinn     2020-09-27
Chain saw is one of the common used woodworking machinery, chain saw when use to rule out the use of fault which?

one, the right proportion of mixed oil imports chain saw use fuel for 90 # ( 93 #) And 2 t, gasoline engine oil volume than those days according to the proportion of matching, engine oil too much can cause difficulties, work starts stretching, insufficient oil too much can cause burning, produce too much, cause the engine cylinder, so the ratio of mixed oil should be reasonable, not too much oil as well.

2, chain saw guide the normal use of maintenance in the work to ensure that the chain oil is enough, at the end of the work dealing with chain saw guide for maintenance.

must first clear chain saw guide the root of the oil hole of sundry, and eliminate the guide groove, to ensure that the oil hole. Also should check whether there is inside the guide head saw spray, dust and other sundry, and drip a small amount of oil within the guide head. At work, should guarantee the keenness of the chain saw saw chain, can not use a blunt saw chains, more incompressible saw, sawing pressure can lead to guide the working point of friction, make the chain saw guide anxious burnt, degradation, sharp saw chain and chain oil lubrication, can increase the service life of guide plate. Chain saw guide in the use of positive and negative, can consciously flip chain saw guide, make the chain saw guide both sides fully used, can improve the service life of the plate with a chain saw.

3, chain saw, saw chain oil the matters needing attention of saw chain oil for saw chain and wood cutting process, provide lubricating oil and reduce the chain saw saw chain and chain saw guide friction heat, the chain saw guide formation protection.

before work, should check whether chain saw chain oil filling, after startup, should stay out saw chain oil, oil thrown rear can work on the ground, lack of chain oil chain saw saw chain will be working during high temperature annealing, cause chain saw saw chain was scrapped prematurely. Embodied in the work of tooth is blunt, elongated in the short term, even breaking.

4, using and maintenance of chain saw saw chain saw chain before use, should be in the chain oil left rear can work, at the end of the work should be soaked in the oil in the bowl. Should be paid attention to in the working process of cutting the change of debris, blunt not sharp, serrated is special application file to modification of chain saw teeth, to ensure the blade sharp, correct repair method is: along the direction of teeth are sharp teeth, can only be toward the direction of the tooth sharp teeth, not back, file with the chain saw an Angle of 30 degrees, saw chain Angle will make chain saw saw chain more blunt, Angle is too small, the cause of chain saw saw chain is not durable, not sharp chain saw saw chain can aggravate the burden of the engine, causing anxious burnt incision, binging, adverse effects on the plate with a chain saw.
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