Second-hand woodworking machinery woodworking sawing machine operation of the relevant matters is introduced

by:Gewinn     2020-09-22
The following is a summary of the woodworking sawing machine operation of second-hand woodworking machinery introduce relevant matters:

one of operation and inspection before:
1, the machine within one meter before and after health and debris collision;
2, saw before use, carefully check whether the parts is loose, saw the security guard to solid and reliable;
3, before using this equipment must check whether circuit line is safe, saw shaft bending, installation of saw blade and shaft are concentric;
4, saw blade must level off, smooth, no rust, sawtooth to sharp, and a proper saw road, can not have continuous missing teeth. Saw blade, such as crack, the length should not exceed 20 mm, fracture end should check in and continue to expand in case;
5, being cut material thickness, to saw blade to show the material is limited in 10 ~ 20 mm;
2, matters needing attention in operation:

1, after start-up, normal rear can be carried out subject to speed sawing;
2, operators should wear protective glasses, stand at the side of the saw blade, ban standing and facing the saw blade direction of rotation of the centrifugal force;
3, when feed at the bottom of the material must be against moving workbench & other; Support & throughout; , the right positioning device;
4, sawing the strength should be uniform, when material on top tight positioning device, material return.

3, other considerations:
1, before starting the machine, can not contact with the saw a, sawing the strength should be uniform, not too hard;
2, such as partial, saw should be gradually corrected, may not be fierce to pull, so as not to damage the blade. Such as being sawed material stuck saw blade, should immediately stop processing;
3, the operation personnel shall not stand in the face and saw blades rotating centrifugal force direction of the operation, the arm shall not cross the saw blade;
4, saw blades at high temperature, water cooling;
5, saw machine to keep clean. Saw broken material on the surface of the table must be cleared at any time, but it is strictly prohibited to use hand may directly. Sawdust or adjust the parts, must be conducted after the mechanical stop again. It is strictly prohibited to mechanical cleaning, adjusting work during operation;
6, parking is allowed to use the material to the saw blade, after a complete stop to prevent blade rust dry water
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