Second-hand woodworking which is strong, the dongguan forest industry is strong

by:Gewinn     2020-09-27
Many in the market there are many different kinds of second-hand woodworking machinery and lead to customers don't know how to choose a second-hand woodworking machinery, as a senior guangdong second-hand woodworking machinery sales business of the company, for the vast number of customers give the following tips:

to buy second-hand woodworking machinery and matters needing attention
second-hand woodworking machinery equipment renovation is not any one company can do, it must possess excellent technical support and service system, at the same time, second-hand equipment renovation is also a kind of technology innovation, must want to have many years of technology accumulation and precipitation.
select second-hand equipment items that should be paid attention to:
(1), want to choose a reliable supplier of used equipment.
second-hand woodworking machinery supplier's strength and experience, as well as the credibility of the company or after-sales service and technical personnel of experience and professional technology level is the criterion for choice of second-hand woodworking machinery company. Chinese enterprises should be direct and foreign professional technology services company, avoid middlemen subcontract.

(2), ensuring the parts replacement and establish long-term support services.
review spare parts and consumables supply situation, avoid affordable, can't afford to use.

(3), can provide high quality products to domestic buyer and guarantee.
equipment selection, equipment should be considered whether have enough supply source, to ensure the possibility of a follow-up service.

(4), to have satisfactory service support and quick response ability.
whether to have original factory support, if not, then try to choose professional services companies.

5, grasp the recoverability of second-hand equipment.
confirm original equipment manufacturer, model and configuration details, whether can achieve the required quality standards.

6, after renovation of woodworking machinery testing standard.
after the renovation of woodworking machinery inspection standards should be reached the standard of the original equipment, packing and transportation equipment should be in accordance with the standards of the original device to operate.
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