Secondhand double plane before work

by:Gewinn     2020-09-24
Secondhand double plane before work ready to

used double-sided planer is important machining tools, woodworking machinery is mainly used for the two surfaces of wood workpiece relative to processing, can significantly improve the efficiency of timber processing. In order to make the planning on less failure, so the double plane to regular maintenance. So how should we maintain double plane?
1 must check whether the blade is installed before operation, stable, so as to avoid the pop-up of spindle.
2, must be timely cleaning machine of sawdust, in particular, when the knife shaft of sawdust.
3, the workpiece on the fixing, do not continue to fall, so as not to damage the lifting gear.
4, and shall not be adjusted without lifting screw, otherwise will affect the machine precision and driving part.
5, must be before operation every day, in areas such as the transmission, lift into lubricating oil.
6, each half plane axis spindle box of high temperature grease filling up and down.
7, must keep on, sharp blade, cutting.

double housing planer is mainly used for for wood at the same time relative to the two surfaces of workpiece processing. After double housing planer processing can obtain the thickness of workpiece geometry size and two relatively light the whole plane. By processing the surface of the workpiece straightness mainly depends on the precision of the double plane itself and process on the machining accuracy.

the used double-sided planer before work, check in time to do the following: check whether there is any damage on the machine tool parts, shortages and anomalies. Check whether the blade is stable, in order to avoid the pop-up of spindle. Check the lubrication parts, gear box of oil, operation before transmission and lifting parts must be injected into lubricating oil.
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