segmented platens offer sanding precision.

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Today\'s Wood offers many single boards
Work operations are becoming thinner and thinner.
In addition to using more care in the laying operation to eliminate Telegraph and adhesive penetration, today\'s operation must also be careful when polishing the veneer, because applying too much sanding pressure on the veneer usually
\"The surface required to obtain consistent stain and texture results in a wood product, which means that all parts are polished by hand and require a lot of skilled labor time, this is a time-consuming and often difficult operation, said Doug Armitage, technical sales manager at force Machinery.
\"This is necessary because parts of different thickness will not have the same surface finish and the belt of the old style will leave a striped finish.
In many shops, because of the danger of sand wearing, the parts of the veneer will not be polished with belts at all.
\"Go into the segment template Sanders.
The growing number of widebeltsanders available on the market today adopt segmented platforms as they allow polishing operations at higher tolerances, thus reducing sanding.
\"The Segmentation platform is adjustable for stroke and stress,\" said Gene Brooks, marketing/sales director at Cemco . \".
\"It makes it not easy for them to be dubbed or dubbed.
\"Knowing how the segmented press machines work, what are their best applications, and what controls are available can help the manufacturer choose the right Sander for his operation.
Due to the various sensors in the table board, how the segmented table board Sander works can sense the profile of the part.
\"They are used to fit the surface of the workpiece, so by eliminating the sand holes,\" said Robert Cerza, vice president of marketing at timeshare.
\"Apply very precise pressure and provide control through the CNC controller.
\"Most segment pad broadband machines use separate pads loaded by pneumatic or spring to control the sanding pressure on the workpiece.
When parts are fed into the machine, these pads use sensor rollers to sense the shape of the part.
Activate the corresponding pad or segment using an automatic timer to compensate for the speed change.
The lung segment does not feel shape.
The work of the pad is to push the conveyor belt to the surface of the material because of the stroke of the well
The built-in segmented plate has uniform pressure.
The result is a uniform sand surface.
Colin Johnson, sales/product manager at SCMI widebelt sanders, said: \"There are Encoders in front of the machine, and they will lift the highs and lows of the panel . \".
\"This controls the electronic piston that adjusts the platform board up and down.
The system eliminates sand pits and areas without sand pits.
\"Check the application of woodworking operations in order to consider the sander with the specified template, it must carefully check the parts to be polished.
The segmented panel Sander has advantages in parts with a large change in thickness, such as chair seats.
Segmentedplatens allows platens to fill areas that need to be polished by following the outline of the chair seat.
\"This segmented pressure pad design allows maximum insecurity in sanding the workpiece,\" Armitage said . \".
\"Automatically compensates for thickness changes up to 2mm and there is no problem at all with running uncalibrated core veneer materials.
In addition, the edge of the panel, the veneer or the paint surface, even if multiple parts are fed side by side in the case of minimum separation, it is not difficult to Polish.
\"However, companies that Polish solid wood parts or panels may be able to successfully polish and obtain non-
Although the score pad machine is more affordable, it must be noted that it is not
Segment pad machine with nonstandard specifications.
There are a lot of good
\"Segment pad machines are cheap,\" Armitage said . \".
\"If it is consistent in a limited number of applications, this type of machine will still do a fair job.
Computer numerical control (CNC control)CNC)
Machines, perhaps more suitable for panel saws and routers, are turning roads into sand machinery because they can offer a wide variety of benefits to users.
\"CNC control on the polishing equipment can control these functions, including the electronic split board, the choice of grinding head, the speed of the cutting head, the speed of the feeding pad, the choice of the program and the ability of the part programming Johnson said.
In addition to precision machine operation, the CNC controller can also help to list the production cost and parts production of the Sander.
\"The CNC controller has the ability to have a complete history of the amount of grinding per part and the number of pieces per run,\" Cerza said . \".
\"This helps companies to better handle actual production costs.
In addition, the ability to bar the part for full automatic setting is realized through CNC control.
\"The necessary additional equipment if a company is interested in purchasing a staging platform, they also need to purchase some additional components that may not be included in the price of the machine.
\"You have to have some other important features to make these templates work properly,\" Armitage said . \".
\"These include digital readings for measuring thickness, high
High quality wear belt and afelt with the flexibility required to fit the pressure pad-
The supported pressure insert allows the operator to smooth the surface.
\"Evaluating your operations is an example of the company\'s polishing objectives, and when considering the purchase of a segmented flat Sander, the necessary equipment needed to use a segmented flat Sander is a good starting point.
Some shops that have switched to an electric segmented plate machine are happy with the results.
\"We started with two.
But the problem is that machines are sometimes polished on veneer panels, \"says Joseph Harden of the New Hampshire wood factory --
Based on carpentry work.
\"We bought a segmented plate machine, and the difference in the surface quality of the machine is day and night.
The quality of the sealed sand is overwhelming.
Because of the variety of products, sizes and thicknesses we do, we never thought that the new Sander would do it.
But even if you want to waste all your time and manpower, the finish line is better than what you do by hand.
\"Available sanding equipment the following are some widebelt and profile sanding equipment available in the woodworking industry.
For more information, Please circle the corresponding numbers on the reader service card or refer to the Red Book buyer Specification Guide.
Heesemann 8 automatic Sander from IMA
European carpentry is designed and built in any combination and sequence of modular systems from single to five sanding units.
The machine can be configured to meet the customer\'s unique sand target.
The machine can be equipped with CNC, vacuum bed, electronic control pressure beam or computer-
Selective pressure regulation.
The Sandya 90 broadband Sander in 273 circle SCMI is designed to pre-
Sand, sand and polished paint board.
The beam on the feeding head helps complete the complete leveling of the panel before completing the high rit sequence.
The electronic segmented pads are controlled by a micro-processor that automatically senses the irregular thickness of the panel, and different pressures are applied to ensure a smooth surface.
The wiide belt/cross belt series of Circle274 ForceMachinery is standard CNC controlled and can be used for any machine with two or more bulls.
In addition, the machine can be ordered via PC
Based on software compatible with Windows, or special control software compatible with non-Windows
Interface requirements.
Circle 275 Cemco reached an agreement with Don Haney to produce an updated version of Haney cross-
Grain track Sander
There are three widths in the unit (
Of 37, 43 and 52. )
It can be equipped with broadband grinding head and tilt brush head at the same time.
According to the company, the proportion of available grinding media is more than 60%, and a lower cost grinding material is used.
The Cemco track offers a variety of options as standard equipment.
276 laps 252-
The 11C wide belt sander from avers is designed to complete veneers when equipped with two
Speed main motor, sealed coated sand parts.
It includes a vacuum holding device
Protect the down system of parts as small as 4. x 6 in.
In the finishing timeA belt-
Loading equipment is reported to reduce downtime and special strikes
Off equipment saves the owner money by extending the grinding life.
Sandingmaster 277 series broadband Sander in round 4000 Linden is three-
Segmented cushion sanding machine.
The first head is a cross band, and the second one can hold 620mm-
Long belt, electronic third head
Control the segment pad.
Other features include avacuum table, panel cleaning brush and inverter main motor.
Model RB37 37-278 lapin.
The broadband sanding grinder self Powermatic is equippedwith a 15hp/dec. 33-
Phase/230 V motor and magnetic control.
The combination head has a \"micro-adjustment\" pressure plate knob, which can accurately adjust the pressure plate. An \"air-
The Jet \"sensor and dedicated diaphragm valve system control sanding beltoscillation virtually eliminates the traditional tracking problem.
The 279-lap Heesemann MFA 8 from Stiles Machinery offers crossover
Grinding Technology, fine step scanning and 2mm tolerance compensation.
Workpieces as small as 450mm can be polished without a vacuum flap system.
The patented DSC pressure beam technology provides infinitely variable control for sanding elements.
SandSmart control for round 280 Cinema Max products
It is reported that this is to maximize the feeding speed of all four single and double roller Sanders SuperMax models of the company.
It is reported that this control eliminates speculation about manually controlling the speed of the conveyor, thus achieving the fastest possible feed rate.
Consistent results are produced on boards with different densities and texture patterns, and control improves planning and dimensional labeling efficiency.
Circular 281 TDKS 1300 broadband Sander from Boere/Danckaert with cross belt sanding device with electronic segmented pressure Press plate, independent panel brush device, electronic
In order to further absorb the change of thickness, the cushion press the feeding table.
282 circle DMC Topsand and widebelt Sander from Tekna Machinery is a CNCmachine that automatically adjusts the Sand Head selection, feed pad speed, specific program selection,
The 283-ring casbeta widebelt Sander from the United States of Mises has a calibration depth limiter, electronic digital reading, connector-
Free feed band and photoelectric
Electronic System for belt tracking.
This series of calibration and sanding machines is for small-to medium-
Large-scale and demanding companies
Quality ends in different production cycles, says Biesse.
284 laps 37-in.
Wide Belt machine of S. J. G. Machinery Inc. features a 5-in.
Contact roller in diameter, then 3-in.
Polished table board.
Other features include 75-in. -
Long abra belt, table power lift, 15-
Hp main motor and control variable feed.
Circle 285 precision manufacturing provides a broadband Sander that features: a quick replacement sanding belt without loose parts, and an electronics with an emergency off function if the beltmises trackto-
Read the material thickness scale.
Other features include a variable speed conveyor, a main control panel that can be accessed from the front or rear of the machine, 37-in. x 75-in.
Combined head with size and adjustable table board.
Halsty widebelt Sander has 37-in. x 75-in.
Wear band of 8 1/2 in.
Working height, combined head with nine-
Positioning templates and four-
Speed conveyor belt.
Circle 287 Costa & Grissom offers the Type 80 Sanders production line, which is reported to eliminate manual sanding.
The sander can also be equipped with a new computer system called the sanding manager, an industrial sanding manager that uses ms dos and Windows 3. 1.
The machine configuration is displayed on the screen and all machine functions are activated by the mouse.
The PC also features automatic trouble shooting, electrical and electronic solutions, and a barcode reader system for faster installation.
Round 288 of model Pro3000 37-in.
Broadband sanding grinder from Woodmaster ToolsInc.
Single functionand three-
Phase Motor with infrared tracking, motor load table, metal disc brake and variable feed speed.
Round 289 comes from the 500 series planing knife/Sander for grinding engineering and manufacturing.
There is a unique spiral cut in the first stop.
The device can be used in the production of furniture, cabinets and wood products, requiring the size and polishing of the edges
Board, ribbon-breaking board and rubber material.
Circle 290 gear/edge grinding machine model 225 profile features from crochmachinery: one month-
Hp Baldor DC drive motor, variable speed adjustment, 4-in.
Vertical wheel adjustment, fabricated steel base, Maple sheet and 1-in.
Spindle diameter.
Bypass 291 edge belt sanders from Ritter Mfg.
Close in width of 4 and 6. The double-
The length of the ground steel formwork is standard and can reach 60.
Drive motors with overload protection up to 5 horsepower are standard.
All models are equipped with end faces with contact drums and spindle grinding units.
The dust cover at both ends of the platform plate can realize high-capacity dust removal.
Circle 292 Delle Vedove USA offers a profile and edge Sander that can polish a wide range of parts and can be equipped with a wide range of belts, grinding wheels and special wheels to handle complex shapes.
Circle293 is designed to eliminate the hand-polished turbo sand from theVoorwood Co. , has a die-
It is reported that the casting profile shape is accurate when polished to less than 0. 001 in.
The gap slot of the head produces a saturation effect that blows the grind clean and prevents loading and burning.
Grits is available from 80 to 200 and can produce alumina and custom profiles.
293 circle American Tagliabue ES Series edge Sander with single-or double-sided versions.
The maximum operating capacity of all machines is 100mm, and according to the model, the range of feed motors can range from 2 to 4 horsepower.
294 ring DMP-
1 w profile Sander for Derda Inc.
It can be used in various configurations and can be polished with straight dies, curved frames or shaped doors.
The grinding wheel support assembly is free to move forward and up and down.
It is reported that this machine is able to polish any type of wood, the broken board on the surface of the veneer, whether it is polished or not.
Round 295 unique Machine and Tool Company 320 shape and sand system.
Make the cabinet and furniture parts into shape and then polish the parts with its feed system.
Variable speed control and multiple stations allow the finish of the grinding with precise requirements.
In addition, the machine is able to polish the arches and shapes.
P circle 296A. 0.
Macc automatic profile Sander from Tech Mark Inc.
I am equipped with a material transport system that controls the alignment of the molding, a special 100mm wide drive belt to ensure uniform speed with a solid bed plate under the material to support the headto-adjust guides.
297 ring LTC 4 profile Sander from Makor USA Inc. features40-
200 fpm feed speed, can sand, plywood, broken board and other materials.
It has four grinding heads.
Circle 298 lasm ls-
INR profile sander from Atlantic Machinery
Available with 45-
Inclination for grinding or shaping applications and one with 135-degree tilt.
It also has automatic feed with variable speed and reverse feed function.
There are several versions of Themachine with a maximum of four stations.
The circular 299 300/Gyro profile Sander from the Fladder system has the following advantages: uniform stain penetration, smoother primercoat sealing device and minimum grain lifting.
The machine is available at 52 in. and39 in. widths.
Round 300 HN series through a feed profile Sander from the United StatesS.
The concept is designed for grinding and polishing various molding systems with a combination of grinding and polishing wheels, and is equipped with a belt of up to 80 degrees.
The grinding unit can be equipped with a variable speed controller and an automatic index of the wheel position relative to wear.
Circle of GL-301
Introduction to series 160 by E & R Supply Co. SandersInc.
Grinding blocks, belts, wheels and brushes can be provided, as well as various materials, including scrap boards, veneer products and wood.
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