Select the five steps of numerical control woodworking lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-13
As the saying goes 'a good horse matchs good saddle', of course, a good wood enterprises also need to be equipped with good equipment. Choose good CNC woodworking lathe can bring enterprises more efficient work efficiency, then the next small make up to introduce to you should be how to choose good numerical control woodworking lathe. 1, choose the typical parts preparation process requirement is mainly parts structure size, processing range and accuracy. According to the accuracy requirement, that is, the size of the workpiece precision, position precision and surface roughness requirements to select the control precision of the numerical control lathe. Choose according to reliability, reliability is the guarantee to improve product quality and production efficiency. The reliability of nc machine tool is refers to the machine to perform its function under prescribed conditions, run stably for a long time without fail. The MTBF is long, even if there is something wrong with the, short time internal energy recovery, to be put into use. Choose reasonable structure, fine workmanship, and has set up a batch production of machine tools. In general, the more users, the higher the reliability of the numerical control system. 2, machine tool accessories and tool machine tool accessories, spare parts and its ability to supply the choose and buy, cutting tool, for CNC lathes, turning centers have been put into operation in is very important. Selection of machine tool, need to carefully consider the sex of cutting tools and accessories. 3, pay attention to the identity of the control system manufacturer generally choose the same vendor's product, should choose at least the same manufacturer's control system, the maintenance work to bring great convenience. Teaching units, because need students informed, choose different system, equipped with all kinds of simulation software is a wise choice. 4, choose according to performance price ratios do function, precision not idle, do not waste, don't choose has nothing to do with his/her needs. 5, machine tool protection when needed, the machine can be equipped with closed or semi-closed protective device, automatic chip removal device. The five steps of the above is a choice of the numerical control woodworking lathe, hope everybody can find contentment of the equipment.
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