Several factors affecting the precision of band saw

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
Several factors affected the accuracy of woodworking horizontal band saw sawing wood horizontal band saw is used for cutting all kinds of material of machine tools, mainly divided into horizontal woodworking horizontal bandsaw, vertical band saw two kinds. According to the structure is divided into carpentry horizontal bandsaw, vertical wood horizontal bandsaw, horizontal is divided into scissors, double columns, single pillar carpenter horizontal band saw. Carpenter's horizontal band saw cutting precision are not allowed to be the main reason is the influence of its own equipment, has the following several aspects specifically, under the simple explanation for everyone to share. 1, carpentry horizontal band saw guide arm orientation Angle of clamping of the saw blade and not vertical sawing machine workbench. At this moment need are saw blade, adjust saw orientation Angle bolts, square with saw blade working mesa. 2, band saw blade could wear. If a saw blade has a fixed value can repair, if not just change the saw blade. 3, band saw blade may loose. When tight saw blade. 4, carpentry horizontal band saw cutting feed speed too fast. Adjust the speed regulating valve feeding speed slowly. 5, carpentry horizontal band saw distance between guide arm too much. Adjust the guide arm distance, average 6 - larger than the material 10 centimeters. Small six corner of sawing machine, sawing machine guide bearings may be damaged. Can replace the small bearing. Woodworking horizontal band saw is used for cutting all kinds of material of machine tools, can used in higher temperature and humidity larger environment, but at the same time in order to ensure the good performance and service life of machine and needs regular maintenance on it. In the daily also should pay attention to keep it clean.
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