Shandong antai six characteristics of numerical control woodworking lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-23
Shandong antai CNC woodworking lathe exported to Europe, America and southeast Asia more than 40 countries and regions, with excellent product quality, good corporate reputation, steadily improve market competitiveness, in the fierce market competition always stay strong. Numerical control woodworking lathe technology and quality is the core competitiveness of the enterprises, in general, shandong antai CNC woodworking lathe has six big advantages. One, main parts: numerical control module, high reliability, developed by the company completed the process of their work stability and service, installation deployment is a reliable guarantee! Second, perform parts: motor drive with high precision, ensure the accuracy of machining dimension by program calculation. Part three, power: the variable frequency speed regulation system, can effectively use by adjusting the wood flutter speed to solve the problem! Part four, feed: adopt high quality slide rail with precision ball screw drive, error can be effectively controlled. Five, the operating system: adopt the internationally used CNC system, our independent research and development, simple, friendly interface, characters suggest that the size of the input, the USB interface input. Part six, the spindle: biaxial, can handle two parts at the same time, large-diameter timber has single shaft processing. The above is the shandong antai six characteristics of numerical control woodworking lathe, welcome new and old customers come to visit our factory.
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