Share some small tips office furniture odor removal

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
Office furniture is working for daily life and social activities for the office or work easily and utensils. Since China's reform and opening up, China's furniture industry has obtained the unprecedented development, as a branch of the furniture industry, furniture industry in China along with the continuous renewal of production technology, increasing varieties, specialization of production gradually formed and the continuous improvement of management level, also achieved rapid development. Decorate in the new office, often there will be some odor, especially some drafty bad office, peculiar smell is becoming more difficult to remove, the well-being of employees is very is very bad, so we want to find a way to purchase customers must remove the peculiar smell of the product. So, furniture production equipment odor removal of the best ways to what? Below, you can with furniture production equipment to get to know it. 1, fruit offset method can try to use acid such as citric acid to wipe the new desk, office chair. Then you can also consider, put some lemon peel and orange peel to the office in around the corner. So we can absorb peculiar smell, also can let the air in a certain extent, more pure and fresh. 2, ventilation to smell method, this method is a kind of very common. Let the office air circulation quickly, let air take peculiar smell. Defect is for internal office drafty system must have high standards. But this kind of method, also is a kind of use in our everyday life, is often used to take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure a method. Can only keep often open a window ventilated, waiting for the office furniture in the office of odor ironed out, can not solve the problem of odor from the source. It's need to be patient to every time the odor removal. 3, activated carbon adsorption method a lot of people know that the adsorption of activated carbon has the very good effect. Because of this characteristic, many people will go to the supermarket to buy some activated carbon, to remove the peculiar smell. But due to the odor removal of activated carbon are limited, and once after activated carbon to absorb a large number of particles present saturated condition, cannot be recycled for use. It also makes the use of activated carbon's life is not long. If the odor range is bigger, so this method is not applicable. 4, green plants on the Internet, with many, use plants to eliminate peculiar smell. Because many people feel this is a very healthy environmental protection. So many office workers are like to buy some fairy palm green plants, other, bracketplant, and so on, remove the offices of the peculiar smell, also in the office have some degree of beautification adornment effect. But this method still takes a long time, just enough to get rid of office furniture smell in the office. 5, the vinegar offset method can use a bucket or basin containing vinegar and water mixture into the office. Or mixture can also be used to wipe office furniture, then open the door to wait ventilation, such as odor removal! A: on board type furniture production line under the solution of a calorific value big: furniture production equipment about nc cutting machine efficiency improvement five principles
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