Siemens' acquisition of CamStar is expected to give birth to MES3.0

by:Gewinn     2022-04-22
It is reported that Siemens has decided to acquire CamStar, a leading supplier of enterprise manufacturing execution system MES. This acquisition is a step in Siemens' industrial digitalization strategy and will expand Siemens' integrated product development and production automation solutions in the electronics, semiconductor and medical device industries. After the acquisition, Camstar will become a business unit of Siemens PLM Software. MES was proposed by American AMR Company in the early 1990s, aiming to strengthen the execution function of MRP plan and link MRP plan with the workshop control system through the execution system. The field control here includes PLC program controller, data collector, bar code, various measuring and testing instruments, manipulators, etc. The MES system sets up the necessary interfaces to establish cooperative relationships with manufacturers that provide production site control facilities. With the gradual application of informatization, MES has become the core and key link of intelligent manufacturing. Siemens officially launched the concept of digital manufacturing and digital factory in 2010. In order to combine the control system with advanced industrial software, including PLM, MES, plant maintenance optimization and a series of software from design to production, in order to implement such a strategy, Siemens established a brand new company based on PLM. , Siemens Industrial Software. Digital manufacturing has also become one of Siemens' four development strategies for the next 10 years. Among them, the development of Siemens' MES can be divided into three generations. From 2002 to 2006 is the MES 1.0 era. The main concept is to complete data collection and integration, and to easily analyze data. The current product is about MES2.0, launching an industry think tank, and launching a solution package for the discrete industry. The MES3.0 may be completed after the acquisition of Camstar. Founded in 1984, Camstar has maintained a global leadership position in the field of MES. It has rich application implementation experience in electronics, semiconductors, machinery manufacturing, medical equipment, solar energy and other industries. It has worked for SanDisk, IBM, Hitachi, Zeiss, Abbott, Philips , Weixin Electronics and other global excellent customers have implemented manufacturing execution and quality solutions. Regarding the acquisition, Chuck Grindstaff, President and CEO of Siemens PLM Software, said: 'The addition of the Camstar team and products enables Siemens to further provide customers with industry-leading, comprehensive product capabilities, and deep expertise to support customers' 'digitalization' Enterprise'. Camstar's solution will also further facilitate the integration between PLM systems and Production Operations Management (MOM). In an integrated digital enterprise, we integrate PLM, MOM and industrial automation to help customers throughout the value chain Realize innovation in all products and processes. Camstar's unique value, and its industry-focused approach, is a constructive complement to Siemens' MOM strategy and will be incorporated into our outstanding MES brand SIMATICIT range.' ARC Group, a market research agency The vice president also said, 'Siemens' acquisition of Camstar is a wise move, and it is very consistent with their strategy. It strengthens Siemens' industrial field, enhances the strength of Siemens MES, adds strong technology and expertise, and provides customers with innovative thinking. The acquisition of Camstar will help Siemens become a true digital enterprise. Camstar's first-class solutions, multiplied by Siemens' deep-rooted vertical industries, have huge market potential.
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