Silver-coated drilling and milling multi-purpose end mills launched in Japan

by:Gewinn     2022-04-21
Japan Jingtao Co., Ltd. has launched a silver-coated drilling and milling multi-functional end mill, which has various functions and performance characteristics, which are described in detail below. The features of the drilling and milling multi-functional end mill are: in addition to drilling, the tool can also be used for helical milling, side milling, groove milling, cavity milling and inclined cavity milling, etc.; it can achieve high efficiency, high Reliable three-dimensional milling; the milling cutter has improved anti-rust performance due to the silver coating treatment, and can prevent the wear of the tool caused by chip discharge; additional cutting edge reinforced insert (DH chipbreaker), Under the cutting conditions of large feed and large depth of cut, the cutting ability of the tool can be fully utilized.
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