Simple domestic market development trend of numerical control punch

by:Gewinn     2020-04-02
Today small make up for the share of several kinds of classification is simple CNC punch press and market prospects for development, hope to have certain help to everybody. Servo work 1, screw type CNC punch press machine is the use of AC servo motor through the screw drive the slider, forming the position of the lower dead center position through reading device to provide data to the device to control the position control. Therefore, the mechanical and thermal expanding is elastic deformation will not affect the precision of the products, to adjust the way and the most suitable for the slider movement to extremely small unit control the position of the bottom dead center. So is suitable for high precision high function is cutting servo press forming screw adopts hydraulic motor and the torque control in the form of accumulator, bottom dead center position control can reach micron grade, is to save energy and environmental requirements of the machine. 2, crankshaft crankshaft type punch with AC servo motor servo press combined CNC punch press. This punch is servo motor instead of the original clutch brake on the punch and the flywheel. The press has the slider movement mode can be arbitrary set of the characteristics of the servo press, both as shown in figure 3 common torque characteristics of mechanical press. But it did not reduce work energy in low speed zone. 3, after dynamic forming punch after forming is a powerful means of no cutting forming. Between the cold forging of block forging is one example, is through the control of multiple punch, concave die action figure and time to achieve the goal of control material plastic flow. The precision of the products and formability can be improved, even can shorten the process. Double acting forming can be roughly divided into two categories: attaches great importance to punch the versatility of use complex dynamic model of complex dynamic forming; Many kinds of production with easy mold with the use of double acting punch forming. Recently, not only on the forging processing, at the same time in sheet metal forming and forging of diversity and compound forming ability improved at the same time, press not only need to have more action performance, also must possess high versatility. 4, block forging press star wheel and cross coupling of forming has been widely used block forging mould and general forging press. The mould structure with occlusion function and coordination function. Other can save the time of mold assembly when piping block forging press can be divided into two classes: these functions are all in the press and the upper and lower cylinder on the punch and coordination mechanism in the mold base on two forms. 5, plate forging press with the popularity of plate forging forming, forging press can carry on deep drawing or shorten the project number, therefore requires the slider and the workbench must take oil cylinder. The original block forging are almost all use high capacity of atmospheric movement, plate forging in addition to adapt to the requirements and construction methods of atmospheric movement, also require a sequential, self-locking function, etc. 6, gear shaping helical gear forming with double acting hydraulic press with a punch press. The punch of sliding driven by, the slider inside 2, table 2, a total of five driver source all share a hydraulic drive. The early stages of the forming and often coping way as inner ring forging forming, convex die insert block of the concave die tooth space, material forming early began to flow from below. In this state, mold core, the center of the material from coarse to fine mold core diameter. At this time there has been a new workpiece diameter of space, can produce new plastic flow, so can increase the pressure material full of tooth apex. The product processed with this method, the processing pressure is 1300 mpa, and tooth profile of the collapse of Angle and minimal burr. Using double acting forming on the material flow control forming of gear can reach JIS3 ~ 4, it is very close to the high added value without cutting forming.
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