Six trends for the future development of woodworking machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-09-24
6 big trends for the future development of woodworking machinery

we are in the use of the process of woodworking machinery and equipment, attentive caress, if the equipment can not only speed up the process to reduce the cost of maintenance, don't always try very hard to use rather than to maintain, the scope of maintenance: reduce the load, pay attention to check, strengthening some of lubrication, and can prolong life, improve the efficiency of work. Of the woodworking machinery development trend to roughly the following several aspects:

1, improve the comprehensive utilization of timber;

2, improve production efficiency and the degree of automation;

3, improve the machining accuracy;

4, application of high and new technology;

5, development, flexibility, integrated processing system;

6, safety and pollution-free processing production system.
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