slow going for british tunnellers under the channel

by:Gewinn     2019-09-14
According to Eurotunnel, a consortium that manages the project, the British drilling rig for the Channel Tunnel is about 300 metres from their target.
Problems with underpowered electric locomotives and conveyor belts lead to construction delays.
The delay itself did not delay the opening date of the tunnel, which had been delayed once and now is June 15, 1993.
But progress will be seriously affected in the coming months.
Unless boredom accelerates, further delays will add to the financial problems announced by Eurotunnel last week.
Transmanche Link, the contractor for the European tunnel, must dig a total of 12 tunnels.
Six inland and coastal tunnel centres connecting terminals.
One has been completed.
However, the main tunnel is three tunnels connecting Britain and France.
Three passages in Britain and France, one service tunnel and two operating tunnels, were drilled at the same time.
The construction of service tunnel is progressing smoothly.
About 16 kilometres were dug and 18 kilometres were left.
The two tunnels are closed almost 50 metres per week, although the speed will decrease as the tunnel grows, as additional distance is required for transporting abandoned soil.
The main operating tunnel, which is critical to the opening date, lags behind the plan.
The end of the northern British tunnel is 300 metres from the target.
In the past three months, the boring machine has dug an average of 60 metres a week.
The end of the southern British tunnel, the 60-meter-per-week dugart, is about 100 metres from the target.
The annual report of the European tunnel last year stressed: \"1989 must indicate whether they are (
Boring Machine)
It can reach nearly 350 a week. . .
And keep the average.
ColinKirkland, technical director of Eurotunnel, blamed these problems on underpowered electric locomotives that need to be towed out of abandoned soil and transported in the concrete section of the tunnel, on the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt operates segments to the correct position within the shaft.
The European tunnel will replace the electric locomotive with a stronger electric locomotive to be delivered.
At the same time, diesel locomotives help pull electric locomotives out of the tunnel.
Since diesel is a fire risk, it is not possible to store in the tunnel, which leads to logistics delays.
The conveyor belt is made of concrete tunnel lining, with a weight of up to 9 tons per lining.
Engineers slowed down the belt while improving belt performance.
Kirkland said the choice is whether to stop the belt completely or to let the manufacturer adjust it by slowing down.
Surprisingly, tunnel workers in France arrived as scheduled.
They faced the more difficult ground in the first 3 kilometers, and then they hit deeper chalk mud, which made it easier for them to move forward.
The French began digging holes in the main well before the British to overcome difficulties.
They were initially delayed because of the back end of 200. metre-
France extended a long tunnel in the deep sand well sunk in Sangat near Calais.
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