Sludge solidification equipment production and sales scale manufacturers how to respond to the challenge?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-09
Sludge is a kind of water conservancy, environmental, and civil engineering in a large number of discarded soil, since it has characteristics of high moisture content, low strength, often become waste is difficult to directly use. In order to avoid the environmental problems caused by the high number of waste mud, through the method of curing is transformed into soil material is a kind of effective regeneration utilization ways, namely through the mire to join simple mixture stirring on curing material, use of curing materials and silt particles in water and soil physical and chemical reactions, which have the effect of the solidified mud and improving strength. Different silt even join the same curing material, its mechanical properties are also very big. Sludge silt curing equipment, of course, the initial moisture content and organic matter content has obvious influence on mechanical properties after curing. When the clay content is less than 55. 0% when, with the increase of clay content, the brittleness of solidified sludge increases; And then with the increase of clay content of the solidified mud brittle began to reduce. From the effect of the hydration products of cement can be analyzed, with the increase of clay, the amount of cement hydration products can reach a maximum or skeleton strength is the highest state, then the increase of clay content makes the effect of hydration products began to weaken.
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