Small carpentry polishing machine maintenance of knowledge!

by:Gewinn     2020-06-18
Small polishing machine maintenance knowledge: a, appearance maintenance polishing machine appearance and special motor, all kinds of metal plate cover, a cooling device surface must be kept clean, regular cleaning after polishing powder of consumables. Complete and tight grip, handball, screw, nut, etc. To keep the good states of the machine. Cleaning and polishing machine accessories. Two examine, polishing machine, polishing machine parts of screw, belts, firmness, should properly adjust the firmness. Check the bearing wear, if any damage should be replaced. Guide should be clean. The guide rail shall not be polishing consumables. Should add lubricating oil after cleaning. Part three polishing machine, hydraulic system is equipped with hydraulic system, comprehensive check, please. Clean oil filter, oil hole, linoleum, oil should be smooth, oil cup is complete, the light oil. Check the hose connector, confirm no leakage. Check the adjusting hydraulic lubrication system pressure gauge, to keep its normal work. The quality and quantity of oil in line with the requirements. Four regular cleaning machine, electric appliances and electrical box. Electric fixed neatly, the reliable action. Check and tighten the zero connection device. Check the push button switch, found that the problem should be replaced immediately, to avoid unnecessary danger.
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