Small CNC woodworking lathe main mechanical components

by:Gewinn     2020-04-20
For wood processing industry of small CNC woodworking lathe must be very familiar with, small mechanical parts index control CNC woodworking lathe machine mechanical structure of the entity. Numerical control woodworking lathe, including the general layout, the exterior styling, transmission, operation system and so on are very different from ordinary machine tools. But you know what is small CNC woodworking lathe mechanical parts? 1, using high-performance main transmission and spindle assembly; 2, feed drive by high drive parts; 3, has a perfect tool automatic switching and management system. 4, with workpiece automatic switching, workpiece clamping and relaxation of institutions; 5, bed frame has the very high dynamic and static stiffness; 6, the closed hood shell. Above is small CNC woodworking lathe mechanical parts, if you want to learn more knowledge about CNC woodworking lathe, please continue to browse our website.
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