Solid wood processing equipment Panel Production process

by:Gewinn     2020-03-05
Solid wood processing equipment solid wood plate Machine refers to the use of narrow wood board with small material type and specification, and then the upper and lower sides are polished with stainless steel, then, on the upper and lower surfaces, the mahogany furniture with good texture and adhesion is sliced and cut into thin wood plates. Non-parallel line modeling design the use of assembling machine to load spare parts can reduce the drilling amount during forming, improve the utilization rate of wood and control the cost. But the problem of color deviation and compressive strength of plywood. The straight panel is only pieced together horizontally, and the whole material is in the long and short direction. The straight panel is also made through important steps such as drying, material selection, planing, leveling, side panel width, stainless steel polishing, etc, use 10 ~ 12 cm long board, using unique wood glue to generate the required total width. Compared with the massive solid board that needs to grow for many years, 10 ~ Only a 12-centimeter board can be pieced together into the required total width. For the use of a whole desktop, it is more widely used. 1. Material selection, which is related to the perfection of board talents in the middle and later stages. First of all, we should try our best to avoid some shortcomings of wood, such as knots, cracks, notches, etc. Then pay attention to the processing technology requirements of the panel, whether the same color system is needed, and pay attention to the fact that even the same material color may be different. 2, material processing A, woodworking table saw laser cutting discharge ( Note that it must be 2-larger than the actual size of the assembled material-3 cm, empty capacity) B, through the plane, planing, etc. , to deal with the thickness of the material. Note: the capacity should be vacated during processing. For example, a plate with a thickness of 25mm should be actually assembled. This place can be processed into 27-Thickness of 28mm. The finger joint board uses the path material as the raw material for production. After the wood is cut into the board, the board is air-dried, and the board is made into a square strip, broken material, material selection, finger joint, and patchwork, A series of technological processes such as subsequent treatment are made into wood with a certain total width, thickness and length. This is a new type of board used in construction, furniture and decoration industries. It has high compressive strength and is 1. 5 times, good fire safety performance, high thermal insulation performance. However, the objective fact is not like this. The supporting facilities and power of the wood crusher should be within a reasonable range. If it is too high, it will not only improve the efficiency, on the contrary, wood processing equipment will affect the production and the effect of finished products. For example, the speed ratio of a wood pulverizer used by a customer can reach 5000 revolutions per minute. Under this type of body, the power consumption of the sawdust pulverizer is often not enough. After the specific guidance of experts, the speed ratio was reduced to 2800 revolutions per minute, which not only passed the heat consumption of tons of materials, but also significantly increased the production. This case shows that the higher the speed ratio, the higher the production. A variety of models and specifications of crushing cavity, convenient application and strong adaptability Wood crusher only need to replace the cutter head, stainless steel screen can be freely converted from standard ultra-thick cavity type to short-headed ultra-thin cavity type, in addition, there is a particle size analyzer in the myocardial cell. After loosening the anchor bolt on the analyzer, move the particle size up to reduce and move down to increase to the particle size you need, fixed anchor bolts can be produced. Wood Crusher Equipment is integrated into a wide range of product particle size distribution requirements. The new wood pulverizer equipment has a large crushing ratio and high production efficiency, and integrates the higher speed ratio with the stroke. After years of painstaking exploration, the company has established a complete set of systematic and effective guarantee system and created a serious and responsible service team, it not only provides customers with the most professional professional technical training for the overall planning of the site, design and installation of basic drawings and flow charts, but also sends professional technology on the spot to specifically guide the installation and adjustment of equipment.
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