Solid wood processing equipment Woodworking cutting machine equipment how to maintain?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-03
1, solid wood processing equipment to select the appropriate specifications of the clamp, is not suitable for the application of cross-sectional and less than round, remove the pass of the clamp, otherwise it will cause the clamp vibration, more risk is to fly off. That will cause damage to the production and processing board. More serious damage will cause damage to the staff. 2. The numerical control blade must be inserted into the barrel clamp according to the standard. If it is found that the touch mark is not uniform, there must be a groove. When there is a slip condition during production and processing and the internal thread of the barrel clamp is deformed, the barrel clamp must be removed and replaced immediately. 3. Long-term production and processing will make the numerical control blade blunt. If it is applied again, it will increase the drilling torque of the blade body, thus increasing the bearing capacity of the blade body and causing the numerical control blade to break, and even caused accidents in industrial production. 4. During the production and processing work, the production and processing board is placed on the production and processing cabinet table according to the standard. The vertical and bending degree of the production and processing steel parts is very large, which will endanger the service life of the numerical control blade. Especially when the drilling depth 1 exceeds the drilling thickness of the tooth surface, high temperature will be caused when the non-tooth surface position touches the steel part, and the blade body of the numerical control blade will be deformed due to this, resulting in bending and cracking of the numerical control blade, even caused the gadget to have an accident. 5, CNC engraving machine in the production process caused damage to the eyes of the debris, to wear a moderate protector. To be safe and have no potential safety hazards, keep in mind the initial heart of the work. The reason why the production and processing of the automatic CNC cutting machine by the carpenter of the CNC machine tool is abnormally interrupted is that the total area of the soft limit switch set by the customer is lower than the specific production and processing total area of the CNC lathe. Resolution method: the system software can start production and processing normally, and abnormal interruption will occur after production and processing for a period of time. Solution: The total area of the soft limit switch exceeds the total area of the specific production and processing of the CNC lathe. People come to master the numerical control cutting machine from the following many levels: maintenance and maintenance of mechanical pump 1. When the exhaust pipe is exhausted, open the drain port of the water storage tank to discharge the liquid. And rotate the mechanical pump according to rotating the electric fan by hand until no liquid is discharged; The skewed pump is 45 degrees, and the mechanical pump can be exhausted from the foundation. In that case, even if the mechanical pump is stopped for a long time or in the cold gas, it is not easy to make the pump suffer harm. 2. For the solution of stopping the pump for a long time, the pump should be drained first, and the anti-corrosion solution should be carried out later. The anti-corrosion oil should be poured into the mechanical pump from the breathing port or the air outlet, and the solid board production equipment should be operated in a short time. 3, use hard water as working fluid, be sure to go through softening in the early stage, or clean the mechanical pump with organic solvent on time. 4. Moisturizing, under the standard of all normal work, after 20000 hours or 3 years of operation, rolling bearings and waste vegetable oil and dirt in the note indoor space should be eliminated and filled with new vegetable oil. 5. In order to prevent the centrifugal impeller and pump shell from being damaged or the centrifugal impeller from being stuck, the dust particles that enter the pump cavity with the working liquid of the steam body should be cleaned according to the cleaning port at the bottom of the pump cover. Such things usually occur when the working voltage fluctuates, which is similar to the maintenance situation of power failure. There is only a screen prompt when the working voltage fluctuates, but when the working voltage fluctuates too much, the display screen will not be displayed because of the reset circuit posture of the power management chip in the control card. Things like left and right are adjusting the working frequency of the control card to 5. After 3 V, the foundation is completely solved. CNC machine tool Carpenter automatic CNC cutting machine in the production process inevitably left and right problems, in order to prevent stronger maintenance of CNC engraving machine work characteristics, people should maintain stable application habits and maintenance habits. In the whole application process of CNC engraving machine, there are also many areas that must be paid attention to. In the middle and later stages, we will give you a detailed introduction and look forward to assisting you.
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