SolidCAM+SolidWorks was successfully applied to Longmont Machinery Company in the United States

by:Gewinn     2022-06-02
Longmont, Colorado, USA is a 45-employee CNC machine shop with a broad customer base in automation, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, electrical and electronics. In terms of CNC programming, Longmont replaced the original CAM programming software with SolidCAM, which is fully integrated in the SolidWorks modeling environment. Curtis said, 'SolidCAM is more intuitive and intelligently integrated into SolidWorks, which means that we have a very short time to learn the new CAM software. Within a week or two, we can use it normally, and can be used for very complex product parts' Today, four engineers at Longmont use SolidCAM full-time and have served 17 CNC machines.
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