Some requirements of second-hand woodworking machinery operation

by:Gewinn     2020-09-23
Operation of second-hand woodworking machinery description

the requirement of the operation of second-hand woodworking machinery is:

a, woodworking machinery, application of bolt fixed in the flat on the ground.

2, the fuselage of woodworking machinery and motor shall be reliable grounding.

3, woodworking machinery, spindle speed is high, the inertia big, the linear speed is 100 times higher than metal cutting speed. Woodworking machine, therefore, must have a flexible and reliable brake, can in 5 - Shut down for 10 seconds.

4, each woodworking machinery should be independent of the power switch, at the site of the convenient operation also should be equipped with emergency stop switch and a fresh start switch, stop after the new start to use this when the start switch.

5, woodworking machinery before work should check the condition of mechanical components and safe protection, such as different shape or no protective device, shall promptly repair, installation, or can't work.

operator in the operation of the woodworking machinery, if according to the operation requirements to operate, not only can reduce the occurrence of mechanical failure, also can guarantee the safety of people, so we should safely operate woodworking machinery.

automation is the concentrated reflection of a national industrialized level, China's furniture industry, wood processing industry, man-made board industrial automation depends on woodworking machinery industry. The meaning of the woodworking machinery automation along with the increasingly rising enterprise cost, enterprise the effective method to improve labor productivity is to enhance the automation of equipment. And one of the ways to improve the enterprise benefit is a reduction in the number of workers, and the trend will continue for a long time. Therefore, the use of numerical control woodworking machinery automation has great realistic significance.

in addition to the import of man-made board production line in China, and other basic woodworking industry in the traditional pattern of general equipment sheet small batch production stage, no automated processing. Industrial production of wood and the automation will be improved to a great extent on the wood industry in the international status and competitive power, it is of great strategic significance, Chinese woodworking machinery will usher in a new era of automation.
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