Sound shell stamping, stamping manipulator used automatic up-down material stamping

by:Gewinn     2020-04-02
Loading manipulator mainly realize fully automated machine manufacturing process, and used the integrated processing technology, is suitable for the production line of up-down material, workpiece flip turn, artifacts, sequence, etc. In domestic mechanical processing, now many are using plane or artificial machine loading way, users of the result in an increase in the intensity of labor union, prone to inductrial injury accident, the efficiency is low, and the use of artificial material up and down of the stability of product quality is not enough, can't meet the needs of mass production. Using automatic up-down material manipulator flexible handling system can solve the above problem, the system has high efficiency and product quality stability, high flexibility and high reliability, simple structure, more easy to maintain, and can satisfy the production of different products, for users, can quickly to adjust product structure, and to expand capacity, and can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers. Automatic up-down material; 1, using more than one independent type standard manipulator on-line, can also according to the actual needs, apply separately, and translation stroke can be adjusted according to actual working condition, the applicable scope is wide; 2, feeding the stepper motor, feeding adopt servo motor control, stable performance and high precision; 3, simple maintenance, debugging convenient installation; 4, feeding machine adopts double a cubicle, improve the production efficiency; Stamping feeding manipulator device features: the machine has stable structure, which can be used safely for a long time. Automatic control, simple operation, accurate positioning, high efficiency. Compact structure, easy to install. Technical requirements: 1. The whole machine by feeding mechanism ( Vibration plate) , feeding mechanism. 2. Stamping the beat is: 1. 2 s ~ 1。 5 s/a. 3. Feeding way for fetching feeding manipulator. 4. Discharging way for gas discharge. 5. PLC control system, the Chinese text display human interface. 6. Using timbres alarm, to ensure safety in production. More content to http://www. gmrcsk。 Com /, we wholeheartedly at your service.
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