Spain Ona will make a wonderful appearance at the 2013 EMO Machine Tool Exhibition

by:Gewinn     2022-04-22
Spain Ona Machine Tool Co., Ltd. will exhibit its latest research and development results in EDM at EMO. The new servo drive unit and the high-speed jumping head whose acceleration can reach 1G (10 m/s²) will be used. The ONA NX series of forming machines with a nearly 30% increase in machining efficiency. Its more prominent feature is the use of graphite electrodes for high-speed electrical discharge machining of deep and narrow grooves. The CNC equipped with this series of machine tools has the function of volume compensation, which can effectively improve the machining accuracy. Advocating a high degree of automation is a consistent feature of ONA. The NX4C exhibited this time will be equipped with an automatic exchange unit for workpieces and electrode warehouses with 160 positions. Ona will also exhibit its modular series of Wire EDM AF60 with a super large cutting thickness of 800mm. As we all know, ONA is the only manufacturer in the world that develops and produces electric machining machine tools that can cut the thickness of Z-axis up to 800mm in full stroke in full immersion mode, and at the same time have automatic wire threading function suitable for all wire diameters. Finally, we are very pleased to share with you about the launch of ONA AF60-R type, which belongs to ONA AF modular series WEDM machine, in addition to the standard functions of all modular series, the special new function is modified especially for aviation It is specially developed for the market demand of the turbine ring of the aerospace turbine engine. The AF60-R can vertically mount and automatically process turbine rings weighing up to 5 tons.
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