Spanish Goratu independently innovative machine tools to open up the Chinese market

by:Gewinn     2022-04-23
Spain Goratu Machine Tool Company is a professional manufacturer of CNC lathes (Geminis brand series) and milling machines (LAGUN brand series), and can provide a full range of machine tools. The company is one of the largest machine tool manufacturers in Spain, with 160 employees and branches all over the world. The company's rich product line series can meet the different processing needs of various industries, such as energy (steam turbine rotor, fan main shaft), aviation, steel, petrochemical, railway and marine, etc. According to Goratu's analysis, China will consume 45% to 50% of the world's machine tools in the next three years. Faced with such a huge market, the Spanish company Goratu established Beijing Goratu Co., Ltd., which is committed to providing advanced machine tool products and technical services for the vast number of machine tool users in China. The company plans to set an annual sales target of 5 million to 7 million euros in the next three years, and establish a strong sales network and after-sales service team to develop the Chinese market. China's machine tool consumption has ranked first in the world for ten consecutive years. While becoming the most active machine tool market in the world, it is also facing severe situations in many aspects. The 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan' has determined the development goal of China's manufacturing industry to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure and transform from low-end manufacturing to high-end. Therefore, it is urgent to adjust the industrial structure and improve the product quality. Taking this opportunity, Spanish advanced machine tool manufacturer Goratu officially entered China in November 2012 and established a branch in Beijing. The company has a total of thousands of successful installation and application cases all over the world, and has accumulated rich experience in design, assembly and production. On the basis of the manufacture of two series of 'GEMINIS' lathes and 'LAGUN' milling machines, the company strives to provide customers with a more diverse portfolio of machining solutions. The company's newly developed multi-function machine tool GHTM enables machine tool users to improve production efficiency and shorten the processing cycle when processing high-quality workpieces of different shapes and large sizes. The company has designed the turning and milling technology into a unique model, which can realize one-time loading and various processing, including turning, milling and grinding. This not only eliminates the need to purchase multiple machine tools, but also prevents inaccurate positioning of multiple card installations, thereby reducing errors and time spent on card installation. This is the GHTM series turning, milling and grinding compound center. The GHTM series sleeper adopts a double body structure, which can minimize the deformation of the machine tool caused by the weight of the workpiece pressed on the precision linear axis, and thereby isolate the effects of mechanical vibration and temperature changes. At the same time, the double body structure makes chip removal more convenient and simple.
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