Spanish machine tool industry adapts to the needs of mold industry products

by:Gewinn     2022-04-22
The Spanish machine tool industry continues to maintain its position as one of the most important machine tool powers in the world, with more than half of its production being exported, and its markets include Germany, France and Italy. However, China's position in this market is becoming more and more important, becoming one of the top ten targets for Spanish exports. Since Spanish Machine Tools signed important sales agreements with Chinese customers, its presence in China has also become more important, more and more AFM members strengthen their sales channels in China (wholesalers, agents, licensed or owned products) , which is the result of AFM promoting and facilitating trade relations with China. A number of other competitive facts about the Spanish machine tool industry are reflected in the following figures: In the past 10 years, Spain has exported, on average, 58% of all products in the industry to 120 countries. 70% of exports are to countries with high levels of industrialization and development. The Spanish machine tool industry produces more than 2,000 different models based on a self-developed technology, the result of centuries of practice and continuous innovation. In addition to maintaining close relationships with universities and industrial technology centers (Ideko, Fatronik, Tekniker) and other centers in the surrounding area, the company allocates an average of 5% of sales to technical research, development and innovation. Technology is an important part of the competitiveness of Spanish machine tools. The structure of Spanish industry is characterized by a well-established domestic auxiliary industry, which brings a huge advantage in that it can fully concentrate its energy on key processes by means of outsourcing. In addition, flexibility is another strength of the Spanish machine tool manufacturer, giving it a huge capacity to meet customer technical and production needs. According to reports, the Spanish machine tool's experience with key users makes it easy to adapt to their needs. The automotive and aerospace sectors are the main customers of Spanish machine tools, as well as the mould industry. The mould industry is one of the main customers of Spanish machine tool manufacturers, whose products cover all the important mould manufacturers in the world, no matter where their factories are located. Multitasking capability, adaptability to new materials, fast tool changes, high speeds and high accelerations are the main topics for the continuous improvement of the Spanish engineering center. The most well-known products for the die and mould industry offered by Spanish machine tool manufacturers are grinding machines, EDM machines, wire EDM machines and their processes.
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