Spanish machine tool maker enters Poland

by:Gewinn     2022-04-22
A few days ago, the Spanish Machine Tool Manufacturers Association AFM participated in the MACH-TOOL2008 held in Poland. A total of 12 companies participated in the exhibition, they were Agme, Correa Anayak, Danobat, Erlo, Garmor, GHE, Goratu, Lantek, Ona-Electroerosion, Prada Nargesa, Soraluce and Trimek. The Polish market is still attractive to machine tool manufacturers. Poland is in the process of deep modernization, and the industrial infrastructure is developing rapidly. The establishment of factories in Poland from foreign companies and investment funds from the European Union continue to promote this process. . In 2007, Spanish machine tool exports to Poland amounted to 15.82 million euros, compared with 11.7 million euros in 2006 and 5.74 million euros in 2005.
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